Apartment and Property Owner’s Insurance

At O’Kane and Tegay, we understand that rental properties represent a significant investment. If you own apartment buildings, you know the potential for large financial losses because of natural disasters, fire, wind, earthquakes, and other causes. In addition, you could face financial losses from liability claims pertaining to spas, swimming pools, playground equipment, on-site gyms, parking lots, and much more. You could face significant expenses whether these claims are legitimate or not.With our extensive background in landlord insurance, O’Kane and Tegay has a program to provide you with inclusive landlord insurance solutions that are tailored to meet your individual needs, whether you own 5 units or 500 units.We will work with you to find the best landlord insurance for:

  • Old and new properties.
  • Small or large developments.
  • Any category of construction.
  • Temporary, vacation and seasonal rentals.

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We will find the best landlord insurance options for you than can include:

  • Individual limits for separate properties.
  • Landlord insurance for loss of rental receipts and extra expenses based on actual financial loss sustained for one year or more.
  • Coverage for rental properties at either actual cash value, replacement cost or agreed amount.
  • Landlord insurance coverage to pay for replacement or repair of mechanical equipment, such as pool equipment, HVAC and more.
  • Optional coverage for recently purchased rental properties.
  • Coverage for replacement of contents at actual cash value or replacement cost.
  • Landlord insurance for the devaluation of an undamaged portion of the rental property, or costs to meet legal mandates or ordinances.
  • Coverage for clean up, back up of drains, plumbing and sewers.
  • Landlord insurance coverage for loss of records.

What Landlord Insurance Will Cover

If you are sued by your tenant, landlord insurance will help pay for legal fees. In addition, if the tenant wins in court, the landlord insurance will help pay the cost of damages.

Consider the following: Since all liability policies come with a per occurrence limit it is important to consider an umbrella policy to ensure you’re adequately protected in the event you are found liable for a significant loss.

Rental property owners should ensure they have landlord insurance that covers:

  • Premise and operations liability insurance.
  • Personal and advertising injury
  • Hired & Non Owned Auto Liability
  • Medical payments coverage

Whatever area of real estate you are involved in, O’Kane and Tegay can help protect your property and/or business assets.
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