Boat Insurance

If you enjoy boating, sailing or fun with a personal watercraft (PWC), then you know the importance of boating safety. Financial safety for your watercraft is just as important. O’Kane & Tegay will help you find the boat insurance coverage most appropriate for your sailboat, speedboat, personal watercraft, yacht or mega-yacht.

We will search for boat insurance discounts while locating the boat or PWC policies and coverage that fulfills your individual needs.

Enjoy Affordable Boat Insurance Rates

An O’Kane and Tegay agent can assist you with acquiring the right boat insurance policy to insure you against most of the risks of owning and operating a boat, its trailer and its motor. This includes protection against liability lawsuits and medical payments.

  • Risk Coverage
  • Sinking
  • Storms
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Stranding
  • Capsizing
  • Collision
  • Explosion

Property Coverage

  • Anchors
  • Equipment permanently attached to the boat
  • Oars
  • Extra fuel tanks
  • Detachable canopies
  • Tools
  • Life preservers
  • Dinghies
  • Skis, personal property and their tow ropes

Liability Coverage with Boat Insurance

Boat insurance protects you if another individual sustains damage to their property because of your boat. In addition, boat insurance coverage protects against legal liability due to an accident resulting from the maintenance, ownership, or use of your boat, including property damage, bodily injury and legal defense.

Boat insurance coverage also provides payment for medical expenses up to the limit on the policy for you, other occupants of the boat, or your resident relatives who may have been injured by an accident resulting from the maintenance, ownership or use of your watercraft.

Additional Boat Insurance Coverage

  • Newly purchased watercraft: Covers your recently purchased boat for damage caused by an insured loss. This policy must replace the existing boat insurance policy.
  • Reasonable repairs: Covers repairs made to protect insured property from additional damage.
  • Emergency service: Pays for reasonable costs that happen from covered emergency service to the watercraft, motor or boat trailer.
  • Wreck removal: Pays the reasonable costs incurred for the actual or attempted removal, raising, or destruction of the wreck of your watercraft when damage is caused by an insured loss, and when destruction and removal are required by law.

Ask an O’Kane & Tegay Agent These Questions about Boat Insurance

  • What payment options are available?
  • Are my trailer and boating supplies covered?
  • Will I receive the actual cash value or replacement cost if my boat is totaled?
  • Do I get discounts for completing boating safety courses? Which ones?
  • Are there any unique exclusions or exceptions in my state?
  • Are younger operators covered?
  • Will I receive the actual cash value or replacement cost if my boat is totaled?

Learn more about your Boat Insurance Coverage options.

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