Filing Insurance Claims

Filing Claims: The Benefits of an Independent Insurance Agency

A Trustworthy Advisor

O’Kane and Tegay represent a broad spectrum of insurance underwriters. We do this because we believe that having the options available allows us to build insurance policies tailored to each client’s individual needs. A well-designed insurance policy is critical to your financial security. An O’Kane & Tegay insurance agent is a professional advisor your business or family can trust. We collaborate with the best insurance underwriters to offer our clients the options and choices necessary for safety and protection. Furthermore, O’Kane & Tegay agents are committed to acting as your strongest advocate when you need to file claims.

The top three benefits of an O’Kane & Tegay agent during the claims process are:

  • Personal service: We train our agents to determine your needs and offer objective support and advice if the unforeseen should occur.
  • Peace of mind: Your O’Kane & Tegay representative is a member of your local community and can offer a wide variety of claims assistance in one place.
  • Value: Your O’Kane & Tegay agent can help you access claims processing from the appropriate insurance carrier to provide you with professional assistance and advice.

What Makes a Good Insurance Representative During Claims?

When it comes to obtaining insurance protection to secure your financial future, we are trusted advisors who offer expert and personal advice to you, your family and your business, especially during difficult times when you may need to file claims. We will be right beside you now and in the future.

Filing Claims: Working with O’Kane & Tegay

O’Kane & Tegay representatives are agents who will advocate for your business, your family and you by providing exceptional and objective service from quote to claims when necessary. Learn more about our commitment to service and advocacy throughout the claims process.

Melissa Mullins is our in house Claim Consultant. Melissa can assist with reporting claims, answering general claim questions, and provide status of your pending claim. Melissa can be reached at her direct line, 415.242.8771.

A proven track record of success

Melissa, our Claims Advocacy person, has a proven track record of reversing difficult situations and turning them into favorable outcomes for our clients. By regular follow up with the carrier, your claim will never fall to the wayside, but instead receive priority attention.

The following are some examples of successful resolutions we were able to achieve for our clients:

  • The insurance carrier for our client declined coverage in a professional liability matter. We obtained a copy of the coverage declination letter and found multiple issues with their denial. Specifically, the carrier had failed to address multiple causes of action and failed to address the claims that arose out of the client’s operations as a property manager. When challenged, the carrier reversed their coverage position and agreed to a duty to defend under a reservation of rights.
  • In regards to a construction defect litigated claim, a carrier attempted to decline coverage based on a condominium exclusion. We successfully argued that the subject building was actually a “tenants in common” and thus the exclusion was not applicable. The carrier reversed their coverage position and provided a defense to the client under a reservation of rights.
  • In regards to a personal injury claim, a carrier attempted to decline coverage to the client by stating the offense did not meet the definition of an “occurrence” as defined by the policy. We challenged the position by pointing out that personal injury is triggered by an “offense” not an “occurrence” and asked that the matter be elevated up to management. The carrier agreed with our position and reversed their coverage position, agreeing to provide a defense to the client, under a reservation of rights.
  • By attention to detail, we were able to recognize a carrier had miscalculated a property loss and were successful in recouping the additional $3,900 owed to the client.

Sometimes, losses fall within the deductible amount and the carrier cannot assist with subrogation. In those instances, we assist the client by obtaining the police report, and alerting the insurance carrier of the adverse party, thus allowing the client to successfully recoup their losses from the adverse party.

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