Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy

Personal Umbrella Insurance Coverage

What is Personal Umbrella Insurance?

Personal umbrella insurance is a personal liability insurance that offers additional coverage of which extends above and beyond your current auto and homeowner’s policies.

When your policy’s limits are reached, your assets, such as college funds, retirement savings, home, and future earnings, could all be at risk. Your personal umbrella insurance plan steps in once your other insurance policies reach their limit.

Who Needs Personal Umbrella Insurance?

Every homeowner and vehicle owner are subject to risk and loss, and therefore, all of them could benefit from having the extra coverage that personal umbrella insurance companies provide.

What does a Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy Typically Cover?

Personal umbrella insurance policies are for personal loss only, and they are typically issued in between a range of $1 to $5 million dollars, and move in $1 million increments.

Personal umbrella insurance policies typically cover:

  • Personal injury: protection of a claim of slander, libel, defamation of character or other alleged wrongdoings against you.
  • International coverage: Protecting you in the event of accidents or mishaps that occur while you’re out of the country.
  • Vacation rental liability: Protection while using a watercraft, jet ski, boat, and other rental property or equipment you may own.
  • Legal defense: Handle the costs of an attorney and other legal fees in the event of a legal proceeding.

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