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What is Earthquake Insurance?

Earthquake insurance pays for covered losses to your property caused by an earthquake or volcanic eruption, up to the limits you select. If you have aa mortgage, you must have homeowners insurance, however, homeowners insurance does not cover earthquake damages.

Although the California Earthquake Authority offers earthquake insurance for individually owned residences, our representatives are able to find most home owners better priced, more comprehensive coverage.

Who Needs Earthquake Insurance?

Earthquakes are a natural disaster that is not usually covered by conventional homeowner insurance policies. Because homeowners insurance policies do not cover earthquake damages, nearly every homeowner in California should highly consider having an earthquake insurance policy.

Earthquake Insurance

What does an Earthquake Policy Typically Cover?

In general, earthquake insurance pays for damages to a home or other personal belongings that result from an earthquake. This could include destroyed valuables or collapsed walls inside the residence.

Be mindful that some types of earthquake-related damage might not be covered by the policy. For instance, a flood that an earthquake causes may not be covered by an earthquake insurance policy.

Each policy may provide coverage for some damages, but not others. Therefore, it’s crucial that you read your earthquake insurance policy thoroughly.

Earthquake insurance coverages have limits. The purpose of this type of insurance to make sure you have a roof over your head. Unfortunately, it does not replace everything you lose.



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As an insurance broker, O’Kane & Tegay’s role is to give you access to policies from the best insurance companies in the country. Whether you need earthquake insurance, personal liability insurance, homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, or collections and other valuables insurance, you can find it here.

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Personal Liability Insurance

Personal liability insurance is an umbrella insurance that offers additional protections above your current auto and homeowner policies. When that policy’s limits re reached, your assets could be at risk. That’s where personal liability insurance steps in.

Homeowner’s Insurance

In the event of a disaster, typical policies cover the structure of your home, personal possessions, replacement costs, living expenses, and homeowner’s liability. We’ll locate the best coverage to safeguard your home, belongings, and valuables in the event of theft, a disaster, or an accident.

Car Insurance

We’ll find you the right California car insurance plan that suits you and your family. You’ll have 24/7 access to your California car insurance policy. We find you the best coverage for your high value or standard vehicle, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles.

Collections and Other Valuables Insurance

This insurance plan provides additional coverage to your basic home coverage. Insurable products include wine, furs, silver, fine art, antiques, and other valuable items.


Top 5 Factors That Contribute to Risk of Earthquake Damages

  • The ground beneath your home
  • Wood-framed homes are more flexible than masonry.
  • Multiple story homes are more vulnerable.
  • Homes on raised foundations are more vulnerable than homes built at grade.
  • Age of your home: Does it meet seismic standards?

Real Talk About Earthquake Insurance

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