The Next Generation: Succession Planning for Handing Over Your Business

Are you one of 85% of Baby Boomer without an exit plan for your company? If you’re considering retirement, find out what you need to know about how to pass yours to the next generation.
how to build confidence

Ending the Year in Style: How To Build Confidence for Both Personal and Professional Success

Confidence will bolster all the goals you set for 2019; try these four habits that will boost confidence, both personally and professionally.

Liquor Liability Insurance? I’ll Drink to That: A Complete Guide to Serving and Hosting Responsibly

Invites…check Venue…check Entertainment…check Menu….check Liquor liability? ‘Tis the season for holiday revelry, and whether you’re planning a company or client party at your office or rented space or just inviting neighbors in for holiday revelry, you’re likely wondering what...

Boss vs. Leader: Which One Are You?

If your employees are leaving, it could be your fault. Yes, we hate to point fingers, but the Gallup report, State of the American Manager: Analytics and Advice for Leaders, found that managers are the greatest indicator of whether an employee will stay with a company, and that...
Surety Bond

Surety – Everyone Needs It But No One Knows Why

The majority of people looking into surety bonds have actually never heard of them until they’re told they need them. Simply put, bonds are used within business to give your customers security that you’ll follow through on any promises and meet your obligations. If you’ve been...
Restaurant Insurance

Insurance Risks to Consider When Starting a Restaurant

It’s a fact — all businesses require a degree of insurance to protect them from the unexpected. Restaurants, however, stand leagues above the norm, as their day-to-day operations open them up to a whole world of liability. Although you can take action to reduce the chance of some...
Rental Property

Here’s All You Need to Know About Investing in Rental Property

For individuals keen to secure their financial future without inheriting the typical risks that come with the stock market, real estate can be a solid choice. It’s widely renowned as more secure and provides you with a means of investment where you can take an active part in...
Earthquake Insurance

The Pros and Cons of Earthquake Insurance – What You Need to Know

If you don’t live on the West coast, you probably shouldn’t invest too much of your time worrying about an earthquake. If you do, however, it’s definitely something you should view as a possibility. However, even with the recent increase in public knowledge, the Californian...
O'Kane & Tegay Insurance Brokers

Resources and Contacts for Fire Victims

Sonoma County Fire Claims Contact Information The O’Kane and Tegay family would like to take this time to reach out to everyone affected by the Napa and Sonoma County fires with our support and heartfelt hope and prayers during this horrific time.  These fires have affected us...