Insurance Risks to Consider When Starting a Restaurant

It’s a fact — all businesses require a degree of insurance to protect them from the unexpected. Restaurants, however, stand leagues above the norm, as their day-to-day operations open them up to a whole world of liability. Although you can take action to reduce the chance of some of them occurring, liability is never something you’ll be able to remove for good.

If you’re considering starting a restaurant, it pays to know what your liabilities are.

Your Primary Insurance Risks as a Restaurant Owner

There are a number of key insurance risks that all restaurant owners should be aware of. Not addressing them isn’t a mistake you want to make.

Workplace accidents

Whether it’s a cut finger or a broken ankle, restaurants are workplaces where the potential for injury is everywhere. Additionally, sometimes there’s very little you can do to stop them, as these accidents can happen anywhere from the kitchen and dining room to storage areas and loading bays.

Insuring your restaurant to cover workplace accidents will result in higher costs, but it’s much better than the alternative, which could leave you in a difficult financial position. You can also work to reduce costs by ensuring all your employees undergo health and safety training, as this will show insurers you’re taking active steps to reduce your liability.

Food contamination and customer illness

This is one of the leading causes of restaurant liability claims, as meats and other forms of produce can be easily contaminated with diseases such as salmonella and listeria. Customer illness can also be caused by improper food storage or food allergies that haven’t been addressed in the cooking process.

In a worst-case scenario, this could result in the death of the customer. It’s certainly not something you want to have happening, and definitely not a financial burden you want to have to address. Comprehensive insurance, if selected properly, can provide you with the cover you need.

Fire damage

Although you can take measures to reduce it, the risk of fire within your restaurant will never be something you can rule out entirely. Nothing will be able to fully compensate for the emotional impact fire damage can have on your restaurant, especially if it’s a business you’ve built yourself from the ground up.

Comprehensive fire insurance, however, can take away the financial implications. It’s a feature you’ll likely have to pay a premium for with your policy, but it’ll ensure you don’t have to face a cost that could well put you out of business.

Find an Insurance Broker You Can Count on

Whether it’s restaurant insurance or anything else, an experienced insurance broker will help you get both the best value for your money and best protection you can be afforded. They’ll know the ins and outs of the insurance market, and they’ll help you find coverage that’ll give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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