Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is a critical safeguard for your business. If you, your business or an employee faces a lawsuit as the result of a serious accident, commercial auto insurance helps protect your business’s assets.

Most states require a minimum amount of commercial auto insurance, and auto liability coverage helps cover the monetary responsibility if you or an employee are found at fault in a vehicular accident, and property or people are harmed. In addition, many states require uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance to protect your business when the driver at fault is not capable of paying the total damages. Comprehensive or collision insurance is often optional.

  • Your business needs commercial auto insurance if:
  • Your business leases, rents or owns vehicles.
  • Employees drive company-leased, rented or owned vehicles.
  • Employees drive their personal cars or trucks while conducting business for you.
  • You or your employees drive business vehicles for business or personal use.

Commercial auto insurance comes in three basic types of coverage:

  • Physical damage insurance, which includes comprehensive and collision insurance.
  • Liability insurance, which includes property damage, bodily injury, and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.
  • Other insurance coverage, which includes towing and labor, medical payments, auto loan or lease gap coverage, and rental reimbursement.

O’Kane and Tegay will help you customize your commercial auto insurance policy beyond these fundamental elements. We will assist you with choosing the right mix of options to protect your business including:

  • Roadside assistance that offers protection for issues that basic commercial auto insurance does not cover, such as recharging a battery, being locked out of the vehicle, or inflating flat tires.
  • New auto replacement cost coverage, which will replace your company vehicle under total loss with a comparable or new vehicle. This type of commercial auto insurance also offers gap coverage for the amount owed above the vehicles actual cash value.
  • Hired vehicle physical damage with loss of use coverage provides collision and comprehensive damage to a rented or leased vehicle, and it covers the contractual obligations to the rental or leasing company.
  • Auto lease or loan coverage covers the difference between the actual cash value and the unpaid balance on the lease or loan of the vehicle if it has sustained total loss.
  • Rental reimbursement will help pay for a rental vehicle up to the limits of the policy to provide you with transportation after the accident.

Commercial Auto Insurance: Finding the Right Quote

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We can help you protect your business and those who work for you, by finding commercial auto insurance coverage that best fits your company.

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