Commercial Crime Coverage

Commercial crime coverage is insurance that protects a business against the most usual fidelity threats, including credit card forgery, losses from employee dishonesty, theft, destruction and disappearance of property, and computer fraud. O’Kane & Tegay will help your business find the right commercial crime coverage to help protect your enterprise against financial loss from a variety of crimes.

Fraud and theft can happen in any company, small or large, and at any time. The current business environment evolves on a daily basis, and exposure to crime and executive liability is evolving as well. Our specialists at O’Kane & Tegay want to make sure your commercial crime coverage is keeping pace with the rapid changes and advancements.

Commercial Crime Coverage to Suit Every Need

O’Kane and Tegay can assist you with a variety of commercial crime coverage options. Below are some highlights of the options. For a more detailed review, contact a specialist at O’Kane & Tegay today.


Fidelity can include commercial crime coverage for ERISA fidelity, employee theft, employee theft of client property, or direct loss from damage or destruction to securities, money or other property.

Claim example:

An employee used his position as an executive director to obtain payment to fraudulent vendors and to purchase gift cards and other items for his own benefit that resulted in a loss of over $750,000.

Alteration or Forgery

Alteration or forgery includes commercial crime coverage for a monetary loss from alteration or forgery of a negotiable instrument created or drawn by the owner, or drawn on the owner’s account, or created by an employee acting as an agent.

Claim example:

An employee fraudulently signed a company check, forged the owner’s name and cashed the check at the insured’s bank resulting in a loss of over $7,000.

On Premises

On premises commercial crime coverage includes protection for direct loss from destruction or damage to money or securities located on the premises and caused by robbery, theft or safe burglary.

Claim example:

Rental payments from nine tenants were stolen from inside the insured property owner’s premises. The loss was discovered only after late notices were sent to the tenants, and several of the tenants reported the checks had been cashed.

In Transit

In transit commercial crime coverage protects against direct loss of securities or money caused by disappearance, theft, destruction or damage while in transit outside the policy holder’s premises and while in the custody and care of an armored vehicle or messenger.

Claim example:

A business lost over $21,000 when the money was absconded while in transit with a messenger truck.

Commercial Crime Coverage: Finding the Right Quote

O’Kane & Tegay representatives have access to a range of highly rated carriers offering commercial crime coverage insurance.

We can help you protect your business and those who work for you, by finding the coverage that best fits your company.

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