O’Kane & Tegay provides clients with well-informed service in all areas of  surety bond insurance and fidelity bond insurance.

Whether you are a business owner, attorney, contractor, engineer, nonprofit or individual—we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide the best bond insurance solutions available for the needs of your business.

We have excellent relationships with the top bonding companies in the United States. We work closely with these agencies to stay abreast of the shifting trends of bond insurance placements.

In addition, we take the time to understand the complexities of every business, so that we can address each individual client’s needs.

Generally, fidelity and surety bonds are necessary for the majority of businesses to provide additional indemnification and protection. Many times, state and local laws require that a business carry this type of insurance coverage. Bonds play a crucial role in your business’s risk management strategy regardless of the size of the company.

Surety and Fidelity Bond Offerings

Below are some types of surety and fidelity bonds offered through O’Kane & Tegay. Not all services and coverage will be available to every business. For details on what services and coverage are available to your business, contact O’Kane and Tegay today.

Surety Bonds

Commercial surety bonds help to ensure compliance with court mandated or other legal requirements. O’Kane & Tegay provides your business with a choice of commercial surety bonds that include:

  • Permit and license bond insurance to meet state and local government mandated requirements.
  • Judicial and probate bond insurance for civil court proceedings and fiduciaries.
  • Non-construction performance bond insurance to help ensure that contractual obligations are fulfilled.
  • Public official bond insurance for treasurers, city and town managers, tax collectors, and notaries.

Fidelity Bonds

Fidelity bond insurance helps protect assets from theft and fraud with O’Kane & Tegay’s range of options that work well for small to mid-sized companies. These options include:

  • Policies that insure against loss from forgery, internal theft, computer and funds transfer fraud, and robbery and safe theft.

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